Studio Laine provides original contemporary artwork for residential and commercial premises.  We specialise in large paintings for modern interiors.  We have paintings available for sale or we can custom design artwork to compliment your rooms in colour, style and design.

Artwork is available to you directly from the artist so you can afford to complete the interior design of your home with beautiful, original paintings.

Our studio is based at Mermaid Waters QLD Australia.  Please phone 0438 779004 if you would like to make an appointment to view artwork.

Stephanie Laine


In preparation to paint I like to take time for meditation and mindfulness to connect with my own energy.  When I combine this sense of stillness with the mesmerising energy of nature (which surrounds me) and a little quirky music from my ipod, then a gentle joy can arise within me.  I feel a beautiful blend of centeredness and excitement and that’s where I paint from.  The process is so enjoyable because it arises from the heart and not the mind.  Of course some days I just make a mess… ha ha..’

Stephanie grew up in the country areas of the New South Wales Central Coast, Australia and moved to the Gold Coast 20 years ago to be closer to her family.  Daughter of political cartoonist Larry Pickering and 1 of 11 children she enjoyed an interesting and colourful childhood.

‘Art excites me, it connects with a deeper part of me that’s intuitive and innate…   My paintings are an expression of my creative energy.  Colour and texture connect with all of us on a deeper level, it can be calming, exciting or confronting.  If my paintings are a catalyst for people to feel more and think less, to be more fully in the moment, if I can share that experience, then that’s a privilege…. for me.’

Stephanie worked as a graphic designer and digital illustrator as a partner in Studio Otto for 12 years before deciding to devote her time fully to her passion for painting around 8 years ago.

Stephanie is based at Mermaid Waters on the Gold Coast.  Her artwork can be purchased on-line, directly from the artist or at exhibition.  Please phone 0438 779004 if you have any queries or you would like to make an appointment to view artwork.