• FREE delivery Australia Wide, available for a short time. 1.2m x .6m Original Painting on canvas.  Ready to Hang.  Painted 3.8cm sides.Narview is a beautiful new painting from Stephanie's Water Series.  'My intention is to create a sense of the sea, to evoke a feeling or a memory. This style of painting can have a mind of it’s own but if I honour the process a personality emerges from the canvas, each one as unique as the flow of water in each moment, each imbued with it’s own energy and mood reminiscent of the ocean.' Stephanie Laine.Narview is an original painting so there is only 1 available. The colours are a combination of emeralds, blues and light mauves with a touch of sandy tones.  The original painting is more vibrant, detailed and beautiful in person.  Unfortunately we're not able to capture the full essence of the water series in the images.Please don't hesitate to contact Stephanie on 0438779004 or email [email protected] if you have any questions or would like to see more detailed photos of Narview.  
  • FREE shipping Australia Wide, available for a short time.122cm x 61cm - Boho Bliss is an original painting on canvas with 3.8cm painted sides so it's ready to hang.'In my 'Organic' series I love to create textures and tones that convey a sense of natural elements. Boho Bliss has a gentle energy reminiscent of driftwood on a sandy beach. I love that I can bring this feeling inside and hang in on my wall. A bit of the beach at home' Stephanie LaineIf you have any questions don't hesitate to email [email protected] 
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